Furniture refers to movable domestic objects designed to support different human activities like seating (e.g, chairs, tables), eating (e.g, beds), and/or sleeping (e.g, mattresses). Furniture is an object used for a purpose and is therefore an investment for the future. Furniture is a commercial product that is purchased and used by many people for various purposes. Furniture is generally made from wood, glass, iron, plastic, or some other natural or man-made material.

Furniture generally consists of tables, chairs, stools, couches, television stands, picture frames, wall hangings, desks, nightstands, kitchen cabinets, drawers and shelves. Furniture has different functions and it is an object utilized to carry out a specific task. Furniture is not only confined to living room but also includes office furniture, bed furniture, dining furniture, kitchen furniture, linen furniture, wardrobes, etc.

In the present era, furniture has become an integral part of home decorating, though in the past only wealthy people can afford such grand furniture. In modern times, most ordinary individuals can afford to buy good quality, durable, and stylish furnishing for their home, office, or rooms. There are various types of furnishing available in the market ranging from simple tables and chairs to exquisitely designed and crafted wooden and metal furniture. Walnut furniture is one of the highly preferred types of furniture for its traditional yet fashionable look.